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    Maintenance of Genuine Leather

    Maintenance of Genuine Leather

     Maintenance of Genuine Leather

    The pride and inner happiness attached to rocking genuine leather products cannot easily be put into words. Indeed, it is only familiar to those who rock designs made from this excellent material. There are different varieties of leather, mind you. For the entirety of this article, we will stick to the genuine leather varieties prepared in different corners of the world.

    We all want the leather to last for a good amount of time. This means that it has to be properly maintained to extend its useful life. If you love your stuff - which I am sure you do – you will want to carry out any of the steps necessary to maintain the look.

    Leather needs to be kept clean, conditioned and polished.

    Maintaining Genuine Leather Jackets

    They are definitely more expensive to acquire but will keep their shape for a good number of years if taken care of properly. Proper care is meant to prevent the material from cracking and drying out. It also shields the surface from the accumulation of moisture that may result in mildew or swelling.

    The initial step is to go through the product manufacturer’s label; it may have some unique care instructions, including when to condition or waterproof the jacket. Other general guidelines that apply to various types of leather jackets include:

    Keeping the Jacket Dry

    Leather jackets should be avoided like plagues during the rainy seasons. If the jacket gets wet by accident, ensure that it dries out by hanging even before you think about putting it away.

    Hang it right

    Your jacket should spend the least amount of time in a folded state. Such extended periods will crack and crease the leather. Do it right; hang it on a padded and expansive hanger inside a properly ventilated closet, away from direct sunlight to avoid discolouration of the material. This is extremely crucial for suede jackets.

    Have the Jacket Professionally Cleaned Once in a While

    You might be taking exceptional care for your jacket at home but the occasional professional touch will do more wonders. Pros know the right cleaning process to deploy and the way to remove stains including those from ink.

    They can also restore the lost vibrancy of the material as a result of dirt, cracks, and discolouration.

    Leather Shoes

    Clean and condition the shoes once a month. To remove dirt, use a nylon medium-bristle brush alongside a bowl of diluted Woolite.

    Allow the shoes to dry, then rub in the leather conditioner using a clean rag. Finish by lightly buffing the shoes using a horsehair shine brush.


    Dress-Shoe Care

    Use a neutral shoe cream after conditioning your dress shoes. Remove the excess cream using a horsehair shine brush.

    To get a high shine, go for the wax paste. One from Angelus or Kiwi will do a perfect job. After rubbing in the wax, leave it for 15 seconds so that it dries completely.

    It is important to observe colour when brushing. You do not want a black smudge of polish on your brown pair.